Your Govt Has Crashed Our Expectations, APC Chieftain Writes Tinubu



A former National Vice Chairman (North West) of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Salihu Mohammed Lukman, has addressed an open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In this letter, he expresses concerns about troubling signs observed during the initial months of Tinubu's administration.

Lukman's letter highlights his conviction in the need to openly communicate these concerns to President Tinubu. He underscores the urgency of addressing these signals, which if not tackled promptly, could lead to more significant challenges and potentially harm the party's electoral prospects.

While acknowledging President Tinubu's authority and dedication to Nigeria's welfare, the letter delves into the unsettling decisions made since May 29, 2023, when the president assumed office. These decisions have generated concern among loyal party members, including Lukman himself.

Lukman then goes on to point out a particular issue that has raised eyebrows. He observes that rather than addressing a previous challenge involving a Muslim-Muslim electoral strategy, the party has introduced another Muslim-Muslim scenario by appointing both a Muslim national chairman and a Muslim national secretary. This move, in his view, raises questions about the party's claim to being progressive.

He emphasizes that the party's progressive politics should be distinct and appealing to Nigerians, earning their trust and mandate. However, the recent developments seem to deviate from these expectations, causing both party members and Nigerians to feel disappointed in the government's actions and direction.

In summary, Salihu Mohammed Lukman's open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu conveys his deep concern about the decisions and signals observed in the early stages of Tinubu's presidency. The letter urges corrective action to preserve the party's reputation and electoral viability, while also emphasizing the importance of maintaining a truly progressive political approach that aligns with the expectations of Nigerians.

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