Teen Mom Arrested for Hiring killers to kill her son



A 16-year-old teenage mother named Jazmin Paez was arrested and taken to court after attempting to hire someone to harm her 3-year-old son. The incident took place in Miami-Dade County, where she now faces charges of solicitation of murder and unlawful use of a communications device.

According to a report by the Miami-Dade police, Paez used a parody website that claimed to offer hitman services. She allegedly requested that her son be taken away and possibly harmed, expressing a willingness to pay $3,000 for the task to be completed urgently.

Paez provided specific details to the website, including her son's address, a recent photo of him, and her own phone number. The authorities were alerted to the situation when the website owner reported it to the police.

Detectives swiftly took action, tracing Paez's location using the IP address and phone number she had provided. They found and arrested her at her father's residence, where she had been residing.

During the court appearance before Judge Mindy Glazer, Paez claimed she had never received any treatment for mental health issues. Nevertheless, she was given a bond of $15,000, and she was released from jail on Thursday.

It's important to note that the grandmother of Paez's son informed the authorities that Paez had moved out in May, but the child still lives with her and maintains regular contact with his mother via FaceTime.

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